Community Safety & Empowerment

In the current socio-political environment we’ve compiled a list of resources to assist you and your families to help keep you safe and also empowered:

Articles, Toolkits & Lectures: 

  1. Sh. Yasir Qadhi: Muslims in a Trump America
  2. Imam Zaid Shakir on 2016 Election
  3. A Letter to Trump Supporters Sh. Anse Tamara Gray
  4. Suzanne Barakat-Islamophobia Killed My Brother
  5. Raising Kids in a Time of Islamophobia
  6. You Don’t Have to Organize Today, You Can Just Grieve
  7. Find a Muslim Counselor/Therapist
  8. Online Counseling for Muslim Youth: Stones  To Bridges
  9. CAIR: Community Safety Toolkit
  10. CAIR: Know Your Rights Guide
  11. CAIR: Islamophobia Pocket Guide
  12. DHS: Religious Facility Security Assessment
  13. Dr. Marwa Azab: Self-Care Post Election
  14. Share a Green Heart (Showing Solidarity with the Muslim community):
  15. Protecting Our Kids from Bullying & Harassment
  16. The Family & Youth Initiative: Debriefing the Election

Local Organizations: 



CAIR can help assist you if you feel you’re a victim of a hate crime or discrimination.

2. Islamic Speakers Bureau of Arizona

The Islamic Speakers Bureau of Arizona are an excellent resource to assist you in better understanding how to build interfaith partnerships with your neighbors, work colleagues, fellow students and community members.

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