I.C.C is pleased to partner with you and your organization in regards to providing beneficial service to the community.  There are several way for us to schedule your event.  Please send email to:  to schedule any event.  When doing so, please specify the following:

1.       Check the events calendar for date and time availability.

2.       Provide an estimate of the number of people you anticipate attending.

3.       Specify the resource the  required for your program, i.e. projector, computer, internet access, and etc.

4.       Please describe how you will market the event or if you need assistances.  We market through several tools such as email, Facebook, and text messaging.  Additionally there are other organizations that also communicate through other avenues you can as well.

5.       If you are managing the marketing, you may need to design some email/Facebook material to publish.

6.       The event organizer will be responsible for setup and breakdown unless previously negotiated.  

7.       The ICC office can be an additional point of contact should you need more support.