The mosque provides services to the Muslim community and non-Muslim community in the Valley. To promote a sense of community, the mosque hosts entertainment events throughout the year for strengthening the ties. These include youth programs, service events and spiritual/religious lectures. These are some of the services we provide.

Tours –We typically hold tours on a weekly basis of our center and would be happy to come to your institute to host an information session.

Prayers – We are open throughout the day for all daily prayers and we have 2 services on Friday afternoon.

Youth Programs – We have a variety of programs for all ages of the family.

Noor Academy School – Established in 1998 by ICC, Noor Academy is a full time private Islamic school, for more information please visit this website:

Library – The ICC library has a variety of books, DVDs and CDs that are available to check out.

Funeral / Janaaza – ICC handles preparation, transportation, prayer and burial services for Muslims in the Valley.

Marriage – we offer Islamic marriages alongside state marriages.

Zakat –we accept from the community and distribute it across the valley.

Will – Download last will application. Click Here

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    Tax Credit

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